Kingsley played host to the launch of The Ekavalli Foundation’s “Painted From Memory” photo exhibit on the 21st evening. Here are some pics from the evening! Ekavalli got to transform one of the beautifully appointed rooms in Kingsley to an exhibit that married the images from the project with live displays of the saris and props […]

The effort in creating the images in this series spanned several people and places, with the props used coming in from personal collections, carrying with them the inheritance of memory, and forming a perfect framework for the shoot …can you spot the vintage hurricane lantern and the postcard sets from the South Of France and […]

Woven on a specially constructed hand loom by a highly skilled weaver , each sari takes approximately 40 days to weave. The process of documenting, transcribing and preparing the loom and design before weaving took over 6 months.