The Ekavalli Foundation endeavours to introduce new audiences to the multiple facets of the kanjivaram craft. In an effort to discover new ways to engage people in the elements and emotions that surround the kanjivaram – as a tradition and a way of life – Ekavalli explores varied forms of media, from art and illustration to photography and revival projects.

It uses the kanjivaram as a focal point, and looks beyond the craft to create experiences, objects and media that enrich the audience’s understanding of the textile.

Literally meaning a beautiful necklace of a single string, the Ekavalli vision is to weave together the many strands that make up the kanjivaram; to construct new platforms and possibilities, and to inspire a more nuanced appreciation of the craft. 

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Fall: Love and Longing

Golden: Bespoke private commission

Vanam Singaram: Art in The Kanjivaram

Painted From Memory

Pasinam : A Flock of Golden Parrots



Rescuscitate dying design and weave in the kanjivaram space.


Foster new engagements for the craft across media and the Arts.


Create awareness and delight through our initiatives.

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We are always looking to collaborate with like minded individuals – whether you have an idea for an initiative or project for Ekavalli, just want to touch base or follow us, commission something beautiful, or become a patron and join in this exciting journey we are on…get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

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