Pasinam : A Flock of Golden Parrots

Within the Ekavalli Foundation’s ambit is the regeneration of older kanjivaram designs that are out of commission and have faded from the public consciousness. In an effort to bring back to life a more ancient and classical aesthetic, the Ekavalli Foundation introduced the Pasinam, a meticulously revived handcrafted kanjivaram design. The sari is adorned with a multitude of stylised parrots, a much-loved motif in ancient sculpture, art, literature and weave that is closely linked to Kama, the God of Love. The parrot is a motif deeply rooted in the mythology of South India, and the Pasinam sari is rich in auspicious symbolism. This beautiful, ancient format has been resurrected from a lovingly treasured old sari, to bring our craft heritage to today’s kanjivaram aficionados. 

Pasinam, a word drawn from old Tamil Sangam literature means ‘a flock of parrots’. These are intricately woven in gold zari in the laborious handwoven adai technique across this kanjivaram’s drape. Traditionally woven in rich jewel tones, the Ekavalli Foundation has reimagined this classic design for a contemporary context, in an exquisite black and gold sari, as well as in lavender, a delicate grey blue, and a timeless red and gold. The intricate parrot and floral motifs are handwoven in striking relief across the body, while diamond and paisleys motifs adorn the border. The pallu is comprised of a diamond pattern, flanked by peacock, paisley and geometric motifs, all handwoven in rich gold zari. 

The body of each Pasinam sari is composed of about six intricate repeats. Every repeat represents 54 parrots, each unique in style. It is woven on a specially constructed hand loom by a highly skilled master weaver, and each sari takes about 40 days to weave. The prep process documenting, transcribing and preparing the loom and design before weaving took over 6 months

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    Pasinam: process

    Woven on a specially constructed hand loom by a highly skilled weaver , each sari takes approximately 40 days to weave. The process of documenting, transcribing and preparing the loom and design before weaving took over 6 months.Read More »

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